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Amy A.

Dr. Berkowitz and his staff:
I wanted to write you for so long to express how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I have told you in person but I felt the need to write to you and your staff as well. Doctor, you have given me new knees and my life back. My surgery was 10-29-09. Yes it was rough going the first few months. But like you told me, putting in the work in rehab is key, and it was. The harder I worked the faster I recuperated. And my scars are fine lines and beautiful. I am 63 and now have been living my life as active as I did before my knee problems. I am dancing, playing with my grandson, bike riding, went back to work, living my life AGAIN.
Before my surgery I gained weight because of inactivity. I could barely walk. My every day life was a struggle, full of pain. I was becoming a recluse. Now, I have been able to exercise and I lost 45 lbs. Because of the weight loss I am now taking 1/2 the medication I use to take for my diabetes. My endocrinologist told me 25 more lbs with proper diet and I will not need ANY more medication. Is that wonderful or what? You see doctor, because of my new knees, my life now snowballed into a wonderful new life, a new me. So when I say you gave me my life back I really mean it in so many ways. Your team at the Office: Michelle, your PA, the team at the hospital, all the dedicated people that work with you and around you are the utmost professionals. They put all my fears at ease. And took the best care of me. They really, really cared. Doctor you took your time with me and answered all my questions. Yes you are a great surgeon but you are so much MORE then that to us that need you. Thank you again for being you. God bless you.

Diane W.

Dear Dr. Berkowitz and staff

I must share with you my experience and trust I have in you as a surgeon.
When I came to you for a second opinion about needing a hip replacement I immediately felt totally confident in you.
On the day of the surgery I was not even nervous as you made me feel so confident in you as a surgeon.
After the surgery I was walking out to the hall from my hosptial bed. Within two weeks I was walking without the walker or cane. I had very little pain with the hip. Today six months later my friends cannot believe I had a hip replacement..
I want to thank you and your staff for takng such good care of me.

Barbara R.

I had arthroscopic surgery on 2/28/13 for a torn meniscus. After months of going to the doctor who performed the surgery I was unable to walk and decided to go for a second opinion.

I was referred to Dr. Berkowitz by a neighbor and made an appointment. I went to Dr. B on 9/26/13. I was in so much pain and unable to walk. Upon review of all the scans he told me that I was walking bone on bone. At this time he advised me I required a left total knee replacement. Surgery was scheduled on 10/14/13. Now three weeks later I am walking without a walker totally pain free.

Dr. B and staff are totally professional and caring. I would refer them without hesitation to anyone who is in need of medical advice regarding a knee problem.

Suzanne M.

I recently had a hip replacement and I must say I am so happy that Dr. Berkowitz was my doctor of choice to perform this surgery. He made me feel so confident before, during, and after the procedure. He and his entire staff are friendly, professional, and courteous. He is the only doctor I would recommend to perform this type of procedure. God Bless him and his entire staff.

Eliane H.

To Dr. Berkowitz and Staff,
My husband, age 61, had a total left knee replacement in July 2013. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for a successful outcome. All the following contributed to a good outcome:

-Pre-operative consultation with Dr. Berkowitz
-Pre-operative orientation at the hospital
-Coordination of delivery of assistive devices and home health services and medications
-timely surgery
-hospital stay, with therapy and doctor visits
-follow-up visits at doctor's office, with no excessive waiting times

It's good to have a surgeon that has lots of experience and a staff who makes the whole process easier to navigate because they have done so for quiet some time.
Dr. Berkowitz also operated on two previous family members and the outcomes were good.
So keep up the good work, and thanks again.

Marion K.

In January 2006, I moved to Florida from New York. I was having a lot of pain in my hips, but wanted to have the surgery in Florida. My primary doctor sent me to two different surgeons, both of which were horrible. I resigned myself to living on pain killers. One Saturday night I went to a show in my clubhouse, and a woman I had never met came over to me, and said "You need to go to Dr. Richard Berkowitz. Two years ago I was in a bad car accident. I had multiple surgeries, rods were put into my back, and hips. I was in unbearable pain. The doctors told me I had to live with the pain, that there was nothing else they could do for me. I heard about Dr. Berkowitz, and went to see him. He looked at my x-rays and MRI and told me, "I can help you". He removed the rods and repaired my hips. I no longer need a walker; I can walk, run, and dance." The following Monday I changed primary doctors and made an appointment with Dr. Berkowitz. I saw him in August, he operated on my left hip in September, and on my right hip 6 weeks later. When I woke up in recovery, I had no more pain. It is now seven years later and I still have no pain. If you ever need hip surgery, don't go to any other doctor but Dr. Richard Berkowitz - he is the best. If the woman who sent me to Dr. Berkowitz reads this I want to Thank Her From the Bottom of My Heart.

Melodie F.

Finally! A place to tell others about how much the expertise of Dr. Berkowitz has changed my life!
Due to an accident I needed a hip replacement at 34 years old, that's where he and I began. As afraid as I was, he asked me one question that made perfect sense, " Is your quality of life seriously affected by your hip pain?" The answer was clear; I could hardly bend or walk without pain.
Since then due to my life style and arthritis I have had a difficult road but Dr. Berkowitz has ALWAYS been spot on with his advice, his perfect care and surgery ability! Not only has he always told me exactly what and why things need to be done, but after they are done he has been so kind to my family and to me until all the visits are over.
Recently I had a knee replacement which is healing nicely, as did my other surgeries. He also has physical therapy in the office if you choose to use it. The girls there are great! My therapist was so kind yet aggressive enough to get me to my goals of knee bending and straightening in record time! I've been to lots of physical therapists over the years and been ignored, told to do exercise I could do at home, and gotten nowhere! This was totally different - these ladies know their stuff!
In closing, thank you to the office, the physical therapist for all her help, and Dr. Berkowitz for all you have done for me in the last 15 years. You are an amazing, gifted surgeon. Others should be so lucky to ever rise to your standards!

Betty U.

This time last year my life was filled with knee pain, I was having trouble getting around, and I was miserable. Thanks to Dr. Berkowitz and his staff, I had wonderful results from a knee replacement. I was educated on all aspects of the procedure and knew what to expect. The pain was always managed and the therapist raved about my progress. I was back to a physically demanding job 4 weeks earlier than expected. Thank you again for the opportunity to enjoy this holiday season.

Lorraine L.

My husband and I are both patients of Dr. Berkowitz.
Four years ago my husband had a total hip replacement and he came home the next day which was amazing. On TV there was a news special about hip preplacements where they interviewed him and the doctor; it was great. Three months later my husband fell near the pool and broke his other hip. It happened on a weekend and the doctor operated on a Sunday,which speaks very highly of this good doctor. My husband is now doing great and is doing things he never could do before like playing golf.
Two year ago I received a total knee replacement and was able to walk and exercise once again. Last month I started having trouble with my other knee so I returned to see Dr. Berkowitz and I will be having the other knee relaced. Knowing that you have such a great doctor, you are not afaid and you know he will help you.
Words cannot express what this doctor and his staff mean to the both of us.

Raymond B.

Sometimes in life you have the good fortune to encounter people who can truly be of benefit to the community; one such individual is Dr. Berkowitz. My knee became a major cause of suffering in the last several years, injections provided some transitory relief but ultimately surgery was in the cards. From the initial consultation, the actual surgery, the post op follow-up and it should be noted a minimal amount of discomfort, Dr. Berkowitz along with his excellent support staff have restored my mobility to that of 25 yrs ago.

Raymond D.

I recently had my hip replaced. I choose Dr. Berkowitz on a friend's recommendation. I was so pleased with the entire procedure. On the initial meeting with Dr. Berkowitz I had a list of questions that were on my mind. He explained everything from what he saw on the x-rays to how he was going to do the procedure and what I could expect after the operation. When he finished, I looked at my questions and he had answered everything that I had a concern about. The actual operation with the doctor went very smoothly just as he said it would, no surprises. From there I had the best rehab services at Dr. Berkowitz's rehab facility. His rehab staff were so pleasant, patient and professional which got me back "on my feet" in the least amount of time. Thank you Dr. Berkowitz and thanks to your entire staff.


My first appointment with Dr Berkowitz was on 1/27/14. He explained my options and xrayed my knee. He made recommendations for a new knee but I felt no pressure to make a decision for surgery. I decided that I would have the surgery and that very day, I met with his surgical coordinator. She provided me with all the information to prepare for the operation and a CD and booklet.
On 3/3/14, I checked in to the hospital. All the arrangements were prepared in advance so checkin was easy. I had a new knee that morning. The staff at University Hospital was pleasant and professional.

I started therapy at Dr Berkowitz's facility 2 weeks later. Once again, I am glad I made the decision to use his PT staff. They were professional and took a special interest in my progress even to the extent of recommending exercises when I left town for 2 weeks. The pool was wonderful in escalating my journey back to normal. My experience with Dr. Berkowitz and his staff before, during, and after surgery was as good as it gets. They did what was best for me.

Dominick C.

I Am a 61 year old male, who has been an althete my entire life. Playing paddleball and raquetball on the streets of NY has no pity on the knees. After multiple anthroscopic surgeries and injections there was only bi-lateral knee replacement as an option. Dr Berkowitz and his staff have been nothing short of miraculous in restoring my health and mobility back to what it should be. I cannot say enough good things about the care and intimacy of his entire staff. After my surgery I made it a point to do my advanced therapy at his office where the incredibly talanted physical therapist worked me and my new knees until I was able to live my life to the fullest. If anyone feels that they are a candidate for knee replacement, Dr Berkowitz is the man. Thanks to you and your incredible staff

Pauline H

I had a total knee replacement in September 2014. Before the surgery I was in great pain but after the surgery everything went well as I went through my therapy. I would recommend anyone who is considering this type of orthopedic surgery to see Dr.Berkowitz. Also, he is a very compassionate doctor that takes his job seriously and loves what he does...HE IS AWESOME!! THANK YOU MUCH

Mary Jane P.

To anyone who has a hip problem:
Over ten years ago, I was told I had a hip problem. I was afraid to be cut. It didn't matter how bad it hurt or how many pain pills I had to take a day, I didn't want to be cut.
Then, two wonderful people told me about their doctor, who was Dr. Berkowitz. The one had a hip replacement and the other a knee replacement The pain was getting worse, so I made an appointment to see their doctor.
From the moment I met him I felt safe. I mean really safe. On Monday September 30th he replaced my right hip. That afternoon my therapist came to the room and we went for a walk. Two days later I went home with no pain and continued to walk. My last right hip checkup was before Thanksgiving and Dr. Berkowitz was pleased with my progress. I asked when could we do my left hip; he said December 8th. That was a Monday and I went home Wednesday with no pain and able to walk with no assistance..
Would you believe it, within 70 days I had two hip replacements and absolutely no pain.
I can walk anywhere, climb steps and now April, 5 months later, still have no pain. If you have hip or knee pain Dr. Berkowitz is the doctor to see. His hands create miracles.
His staff made me feel welcome and comfortable and his physical therapist was the best. I had all positive experiences with an operation I put off for years and I want to thank each of you for taking such good care of me.

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